I love reporting stories when I get to learn something new or talk to someone who I completely disagree with, but I also love writing more creatively, especially humor and memoir-style pieces. Here are my most recent favorites:

Arts Students Lament COVID Shutting Down Practices, Performances

I wrote this story for the Student Union section of Voice of America and was fascinated by how arts students — especially theater students — have been faring online classes due to COVID-19.

Photo courtesy of Skyler Sajewski

The Photographer Documenting Joy in the Undocumented Community

In this Q&A, I was able to sit down with Narratively’s Photo Editor and really understand who she is as a person. One of my favorite questions to ask artists is how their parents felt about them pursuing their art and that’s answered here.

Graphic by Yunuen Bonaparte

This Voter Group Could Sway 2020 Election

In another story for VOA, this story took me to learn about students who are pro-Trump. Living in a time of immense political polarization, I was intrigued to hear other young people’s views on why they support the Republican incumbent.

Photo courtesy of Cody Steed



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